Start keeping track of your expenses

Spendyt is a tool to manage what you earn and spend to increase what you save. By keeping track of your expenses you know exactly where your money's going to. This way you can make sure that your money is used wisely.

Maintain control of all your financials in one place.

You can choose to track your spendings and your earnings or just your spendings, it's all up to you.

What Spendyt is all about

Here are some of the main features Spendyt have to offer:

Keeping track

This is the core of Spendyt. By tracking what you're spending and earning, you can keep an eye on your financials and take action accordingly.


Everything is connected through categories. You can create your own and determine how you want to group everything. By using categories everything is neatly organized.

Clear overview

On your dashboard you get an immediate overview of this month's expenses or earnings in a pretty graph.


In the history section, you can get an overview of all your expenses and earnings within a chosen timeframe (spoiler: also in a pretty graph).

Mobile friendly

Everything is also optimized for mobile use. So you can keep tracking on the go.

Ad free

Nobody wants ads.

Multiple currencies

We offer a selection of the 19 most commonly used currencies.

Privacy in mind

We respect the privacy of your data and don't share anything with third parties.