10 New Year’s Resolutions To Control Your Budget

After spending a lot of money on gifts, food and clothes it is time to take a look at your bank account’s damage. A new year means new goals to achieve. Now is the perfect time to set your goals. Here are some tips to achieve them.

1. Keep your fridge organized

Each year a lot of food goes to waste. One thing you can do to avoid food waste, is choosing one day of the week to eat the leftovers. Also organizing your fridge can prevent your food to expire.

2. Pay your bills on time

Losing money by not paying bills on time is literally a waste of your hard earned money. Using a place to store all your unpaid bills, whether it is on your computer or in an organizer, can save you a lot of money.

3. Don’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach

Even though everyone knows it’s true, it’s easy to forget. Instead of going grocery shopping unplanned, you should also try to make a shopping list. This way you will avoid buying food you don’t actually need.

4. Compare prices

People are often used to buy the same brands every time. Try to compare cheaper and more expensive brands to see whether you really taste a difference. The same applies to your monthly utility bills. Compare different suppliers from time to time to see if you’re still paying the lowest price.

5. Save energy

A household uses a lot of energy which can lead to high energy bills. You can save energy by shutting down your devices completely instead of putting them on standby. Descent isolation and using energy efficient devices will also definitely make a difference.

6. Use public transport or your legs

Cars and gas are expensive. So try to use the public transport as much as you can or go by foot/bike if you need to go to a nearby location.

7. Save water and the planet

Take a shower instead of a bath. If you take a shower, don’t let the water run while washing your body and hair. The same goes for cleaning, brushing your teeth, etc. While doing the laundry always try to have a full washing machine.

8. Check your direct debits

Direct debits are easy in use, but also need to be checked. Always make sure you don’t pay too much by checking your bank account because a mistake is easily made.

9. Think before buying

Everyone has these moments where they think they need something, but actually they don’t. A better idea is to wait and make a list of the pro’s and con’s. After a good amount of time you will be able to make sure your money doesn’t go to waste on something you won’t use.

10. Track your money

An overview of all your expenses is necessary to know where exactly you can save money. A lot of times people don’t know where their money is going to and what they spend it on. This makes it difficult to maintain a healthy budget plan that makes you happy and foreseeing for the future. Using a tracking tool, like Spendyt, can help and is really easy. Start tracking now with Spendyt and make yourself and your bank account happy!